Strawberry Kiwi Pomberry By Pod Juice 55

3mg - 100ml (TFN)
6mg - 100ml (TFN)
12mg - 100ml (TFN)

Additional information

This product is available in the following variations:

0mg – 100ml
3mg – 100ml (TFN)
6mg – 100ml (TFN)
Salt Nicotine 35mg – 30ml (TFN)
Salt Nicotine 55mg – 30ml (TFN)
12mg – 100ml (TFN)



Some consider Pod Juice to be the best manufacturer of salt nicotine liquids due to their top quality products. Looking to continue on their warpath, they have now introduced new Freebase Liquids into their line-up. If you are a free-base user who had never heard of them, you may want to take the gamble and give them a shot now that you have an opportunity, Pod Juice 55 doesn’t mess around.


3mg – 100ml (TFN), 6mg – 100ml (TFN), 12mg – 100ml (TFN)


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