North 5000 Puffs 10pk

Mango Freeze
Raspberry Mint
Watermelon Kiwi

Additional information

This product is available in the following variations:

Blue Raspberry
Pink Lemonade
Lush Ice
Mighty Mint
Pina Colada
Strawberry Banana
Lemon Mint
Cherry Cola
Grape Soda
Cherry Lemon
Blueberry Watermelon
Blueberry Mint
Black Ice
Raspberry Mint
Gummy Bear
Polar Mint
Orange Mango Watermelon
Coconut Banana
Mango Freeze
Gum Mint
Pineapple Passion
Vanilla Tobacco
Watermelon Kiwi
Tropical Summer
Raspberrry Lemon
Mocha Frappe
Honeydew Apple
Kiwi Strawberry Ice

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Mango Freeze, Raspberry Mint, Watermelon Kiwi


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